As I’m sure many of you know….sending 20+ letters out is not the only way to get members to attend the meeting.  Many of you are active on social media, and we’re hoping that you will share the details of our event, and our group out to your networks to get more awareness and interest in our group.

First things first, like our facebook page with both your personal and professional facebook pages.  Also have our website address ready to share, if needed.  We’ve created an electronic Evite invitation for our Visitor’s Day to make it easier to share as well….and the link is here:  Here are some things you can do to help get the awareness out about our event through your electronic contacts and social media sites:

  • Ask co-workers in your office, or other employees in your company, to like our chapter BNI FB page, linked above.  Friends, family, neighbors, ANYONE….ask them to like our page.
  • Share the Evite on your personal FB page.  (Go to our BNI FB page, find the Evite post about our visitor’s day, and click Share in the bottom right of the post before the comments).  Share it on your personal FB Page, Business FB Page, Chamber groups, Subdivisions, etc….anywhere else you might be able to get the word out about our event.
  • Post the link to the Evite on your LinkedIn site as well….copy the Evite link above, and log into LinkedIn…and post the event on your feed there.
  • Copy the link for the Evite and share it via email with some of your interested contacts….add a personal letter or something short to customize the intro to the event.  Direct them to our Facebook page or our chapter website if they have further questions.
  • Share the Evite on Instagram, Twitter, or any other sites you frequent with your business….you never know where we’re going to get our next best member!

Remember, anyone who follows up and says they’re interested, we’ll want to include them in our food counts, so make sure you let the Leadership Team or the Visitor’s Day team know when you have someone confirmed to come.

Let’s GROW this group with some quality new members!!!!