Tomorrow is our “last call” for Visitor’s day letters, as the printed letters need to get in the mail to the people we’re inviting.  Remember, it’s CRITICAL that we get at least 20 letters out from each person in the group.  If you have not turned in your letters yet, please follow the instructions below to create your letters.

As a refresher, here’s what you need to do to get started on your letters:

  1. Download this Excel spreadsheet to help you collect your names and addresses to send to:
  2. Print that sheet out, or keep it on your desktop and add to it, and when you’ve completed your 20 (or more!) letters, then download the letter and start the mail-merge (
  3. Modify the letter accordingly: put it on your letterhead, put your phone number in the (xxx-xxx-xxxx) section towards the bottom, and put your name as “member name” at the bottom of the letter.
  4. Need help on doing a mail-merge?  Check out this youtube video showing just what needs to be done:
  5. Once you’re done, print out the letters, hand sign each one (and include a personal note to the recipient if you can), place it in an envelope addressed to the recipient with a copy of your business card inside.  We will stamp the envelopes and mail them out for you!

Remember, if you run into issues, or have issues collecting names, PLEASE REACH OUT sooner rather than later so we can help you gather the names you need before it’s too close to the event to send invites out.