TOMORROW is our big day, and we currently have 29 visitors that we’re expecting to see tomorrow!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?

Here are some last minute details to discuss before tomorrow:

  • Make sure you call/email your confirmed visitors today and remind them about the meeting tomorrow morning early.  If you have anyone else you want to follow up with, now is a good time.  Here’s a suggested script to follow:
    • I’m a member of BNI. BNI is the world’s largest referral organization. We are interviewing for a ______________ to pass referrals to. I sent you a letter in the last week or so inviting you to attend our meeting.  Are you looking for more business?

      (YES) Great! Can I reserve a place for at our meeting on Wednesday, October 11, from 7:00am until 8:30am, at the Rochester Community House, 816 Ludlow Ave, in Rochester?

      (NO) I understand. However, we are interviewing for a _____________ to pass referrals to. Can you suggest another ______________ that needs more business?

  • Arrive tomorrow morning between 6am-6:15 am.  We have to set up the room and get things ready, and we will have a short “pow-wow” before people get there….so we need everyone there early.  Don’t press snooze tomorrow…
  • Make sure you connect with the visitors you invited.  If possible, sit by them and introduce them to other members of the group.  Make the best use of open networking tomorrow morning and carry around your business cards as you network (see below).
  • Bring plenty of business cards….at least 50.  Our box is running low, and we will need to hand out cards as you meet visitors.  These visitors are going to meet tons of new people, so give them your card as you introduce yourself!
  • Remember to bring $5 for the breakfast.  Our very own caterer Mark Bidinger from Catering by Katherine’s is going to be supplying breakfast tomorrow morning, so come hungry, and bring $5 to offset the costs.
  • Don’t forget your name badge!  We will have a few extras, but try to bring your own.
  • Remind your visitors to prepare a 30 second commercial like we do in the group to announce what they do to others.  Everyone in the room will be giving a 30-second/brief commercial about their own business.
  • Plan to stay until 9am.  We’ll most likely get done earlier, but remember to stay in your seat and not leave until the meeting is complete.  Getting up, walking around for more food or coffee, or taking a bathroom break is a huge distraction.  Do whatever you can to stay until the meeting is complete.
  • Look your best and prepare to share the power of BNI!

We’ll see you bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning!!